Live Trading

Live Trading, through an ECN account with 4X Brokers, offers an experience unmatched in quality, performance, and transparency.

What is a live trading account?

A live trading account allows you to commit your own funds to trades, and to experience profit (or loss) in real funds. This is different from a demo account, where all trading is done against “pretend” funds. A demo account allows you to practice the skills you will need for live trading.

This is not to say that you should stop using a demo account once you move on to live trading; a demo account is helpful for research and testing, even for experienced traders. But whatever paper trading you do via a demo account, sooner or later you will move on to a live account so that you can engage in real trades.

What should a person know before making the leap to live trading?

The psychology of live trading is very different from demo trading. In a demo environment, there are no real profits or losses; the emotional impact is not much different from winning or losing at Monopoly. But in live trading, emotions run high. You may abandon a trade early out of panic, or stay with a losing trade too long out of a hope that it will “turn around”.

When you create a live account with 4X Brokers, you’ll get immediate access to a live version of our trading platform, cTrader.

With a 4X Brokers live trading account, you’ll gain access to over 1,000s markets, including:

• Forex
• Crypto
• Indices
• Oil
• Commodities
• And More

Questions and Answers

An ECN is an Electronic Communications Network, which allows traders to engage in trading with remote parties anonymously. When you buy currency, you buy it from an anonymous party, who in turn sees the transaction as a sale to an anonymous party. So the ECN sits in the middle and facilitates the transaction.

4X Brokers offers a flexible ECN account, which includes these features:
• ECN ‘Best Execution’ with execution multiple liquidity providers
• Execution speeds from as low as 1ms
• Commissions as low as $2 USD per lot round trip
• No minimum deposit
• Spreads are super tight and variable
• Automated trade receipts for the ultimate transparency

  • Commissions as low as $2 USD per lot on each traded round trip
  • Swap and interest can be charged if trades remain open past the close of the market (17:00 New York Time, EST or EDT depending on Daylight Saving Time)

Note that we do not charge any fees for moving funds between your account and a bank; however, your bank may charge fees or apply conversion charges. Be sure to check with your bank before transferring funds.

We do not set any minimum starting balance. However, it is generally advisable to start with at least $200 USD (or the equivalent in whichever currency you trade in).

Yes, 4X Brokers is an ECN broker. We offer automated trade receipts on every trade.

No. We follow an A-book model, and all your trades are filled by our liquidity providers. We do not profit from your losses; we want you to win.

Yes. We welcome all strategies at 4X Brokers; your strategies are your business, literally. We do caution traders to be mindful of risk, though, and we may contact traders if it appears they may be engaged in inordinate risk. Even then, it is still their choice.

Compare Our Account Features

Benefits of World Class Trading

Tight Spreads

You’ll be able to trade on competitive rates and leverage our global reach.

  • Be a part of an elite trading community
  • Be confident in your trading decisions


Deep liquidity through ECNs. Get the ECN advantage.

  • Be a part of an elite trading community
  • Be confident in your trading decisions

Range of Markets

Get access to the world’s most liquid markets. Trade 24 hours a day.

  • Keep up with your favorite assets
  • Be confident when trading

Radical Transparency

Trade Receipts – the easy way to verify your trades.

  • Make smarter decisions about trading
  • Feel like an insider when you trade

No Restrictions

We’ve got you covered: technical, fundamental, news, and EA friendly.

  • Learn how to trade without worry
  • Be in control of your trades

Low Latency

Fast execution speeds from as low as 1ms. Competitive pricing

  • Get the best prices in the market
  • Get what you want, when you want it

We serve traders like you from 196 countries*





Multiple Instant Payments

Fund your account with multiple instant deposit methods.

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