Demo Trading

Hone your trading skills in our demo environment. Test your trading strategies in a risk-free setting before taking them live.

What is a demo trading account?

4x Brokers offers demo accounts to simulate the experience of actual trading, but without putting any actual funds at risk. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with financial markets safely, as well as develop and test strategies for successful “live” trading.

When you sign up with 4x Brokers, you will have access to a demo account. This will allow you to use our trading platform, cTrader, to practice making trades in demo mode. You will also be given $5,000 “demo” dollars with which to practice.

A demo account simulates the live trading experience as closely as possible; however, there are differences. Most notably, demo trades are not subject to slippage, interest rate adjustments, or price changes out of normal trading hours. We recommend reviewing our Customer Agreement and reviewing other information on this site to understand the features and conditions that apply to live trading.

Why use a demo account?

A demo account allows traders to familiarize themselves with the operations of their trade platform, examine past trade data, and develop and test strategies in an environment that does not present any financial risks.

Demo accounts are useful to both novice and experienced traders. Experienced traders will return to demo accounts on a regular basis to review past trade data and test and refine strategies.

Another term for the use of demo accounts is “paper trading”.

With a 4x Brokers demo account, you will be able to engage in “paper trading” in thousands of markets, including:

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Indices
  • Commodities

Plus we offer demo access to other markets such as shares and bonds.

Should you use a demo account?

A demo account is a learning aid. Most importantly, it helps you develop the mental skills you will need to prosper in the Forex market.

It helps you recognize the risks of leverage in the Forex market.

One of the most striking aspects of Forex trading is how little the market moves; this can tempt novice traders into committing too much of their funds to a single trade. While this can make for a quick win, it can just as easily result in losing large sums. It is generally better to learn this lesson with no real money at risk.

It allows you to master the trading platform

A demo account allows you to practice using all the features of the trading platform without the pressure of having actual funds at risk. Finally, when you are ready to perform live trades, you will have mastered the use of the platform.

It is an environment for developing trading strategies

4x Brokers uses cTrader as its trading platform, and cTrader’s demo mode allows you to examine real-time data as well as historical data. This allows you to study price movement, charts, support/resistance lines, currency pair interactions, volatility in relation to which markets are open, and so on. The more research you do on your strategies, the more likely they are to be successful.

How to create a Demo Trading account

1. Go to the “Create Demo Account” page, fill in the requested information, and hit “Submit”.

2. A verification PIN will be emailed to you; enter that PIN on the Web page and hit “Submit”.

3. Select a trading currency pair, and set your initial funding balance.

Your account has been fully created, and you can start demo trading.

Important considerations when using a demo account

A demo account does not instill a sense of risk vital to successful trading.

For most people, Forex trading is at least somewhat stressful; paper trading does not capture that stress because there is no risk. You are unlikely to learn how to trade with that stress as a factor in a demo environment.

You can develop counterproductive habits.

Even if you make excellent decisions overall in a demo environment, it is a risk-free setting, and it does not necessarily teach the caution that can protect you from financial loss. “Fortune favors the bold” is a dangerous attitude in Forex trading.

Your decision-making may be different when the money is real.

In a consequence-free environment, it is easy to make very rational decisions about when to end a trade; when your own money is at risk, hardball decision-making is much more difficult. One might be inspired to hold on to a winning trade just a little too long because of a belief that there is more to gain, or one might be reluctant to cut losses out of hopes that the market will rebound.

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Trade EURUSD with a spread of only 0.4 pips and no additional commissions.

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See the performance of every trade execution including the liquidity provider behind your trade.

Award-Winning Platforms

cTrader, Fully supported.

Questions and Answers

With a demo account, you will be able to explore the financial markets, with current and historical data. You will be able to choose the markets that interest you, and set alerts to notify you of noteworthy events. You will be able to view charts, place paper trades, and in general utilize the system as would a live trader.

Demo trading accounts are sometimes known as trading simulators or paper trading accounts. They all serve the same basic purpose, to allow traders to study and experiment in a risk-free environment rather than committing actual funds.

An ECN is an Electronic Communications Network, which allows traders to engage in trading with remote parties anonymously. When you buy currency, you buy it from an anonymous party, who in turn sees the transaction as a sale to an anonymous party. So the ECN sits in the middle and facilitates the transaction.

4X Brokers offers a flexible ECN account, which includes these features:

  • ECN ‘Best Execution’ with execution multiple liquidity providers
  • Execution speeds from as low as 1ms
  • Commissions as low as $2 USD per lot round trip
  • No minimum deposit
  • Spreads are super tight and variable

Automated trade receipts for the ultimate transparency

• Commissions as low as $2 USD per lot on each traded round trip
• Swap and interest can be charged if trades remain open past the close of the market (17:00 New York Time, EST or EDT depending on Daylight Saving Time)

Note that we do not charge any fees for moving funds between your account and a bank; however, your bank may charge fees or apply conversion charges. Be sure to check with your bank before transferring funds.

We do not set any minimum starting balance. However, it is generally advisable to start with at least $200 USD (or the equivalent in whichever currency you trade in).

Yes, 4X Brokers is an ECN broker. We offer automated trade receipts on every trade.

No. We follow an A-book model, and all your trades are filled by our liquidity providers. We do not profit from your losses; we want you to win.

Yes. We welcome all strategies at 4X Brokers; your strategies are your business, literally. We do caution traders to be mindful of risk, though, and we may contact traders if it appears they may be engaged in inordinate risk. Even then, it is still their choice.

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  • Be a part of an elite trading community
  • Be confident in your trading decisions

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Get access to the world’s most liquid markets. Trade 24 hours a day.

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Radical Transparency

Trade Receipts – the easy way to verify your trades.

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We’ve got you covered: technical, fundamental, news, and EA friendly.

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