Funds Withdrawal Procedure

The AML/CTF policy and procedure at 4X Brokers identified below is focused around adherence to guidelines that make sure that funds are securely sent back to the originating entity.

  • The onus is on 4X Brokers clients to correctly nominate their account information via the secure client portal.
  • All withdrawal requests once submitted by the client are sent to 4X Brokers Operations Team for processing. Our Operations Team confirms the status and availability of balance on the client’s account, and then approves the withdrawal request, pending approval from our Compliance Team.
  • 4X Brokers Operations Team reviews all withdrawal requests and confirms that the funds are being withdrawn to originating entity. Our Operations Team checks the withdrawal request against the client’s deposit history to make sure there is no suspicious activity, and verifies the bank account on file.
  • Approved withdrawal requests are processed by the Operations Team and the funds are released to the client.
  • In the event that the withdrawal is flagged for suspicious behavior, the withdrawal is placed on hold, and 4X Brokers Support Team will conduct further investigations.
  • 4X Brokers Support Team will liaise with our Compliance Team to see if further action is required and if any relevant regulatory bodies need to be contacted.
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